Kitchen Cabinets – The Pros and Cons of Matte and Glossy Finishes

Kitchen cabinets come in many colors, styles and finishes. There are a lot of differences between matte or glossy finished kitchen cabinets. More than just the look, there are many other reasons why a homeowner may prefer one versus the other. If you are torn between these two options, you might want to learn more about the upsides and downsides of choosing matte or glossy cabinets. Your kitchen remodeling pros from i Remodel & Design discuss them here.

Kitchen Cabinets - the pros and cons of matte or glossy finishes

Matte Finish Matte-finished kitchen cabinets are preferable if you are thinking about painting your cabinets a dark shade as it helps give the cabinets a more consistent look. At the same time, a matte finish will help make the cabinet surfaces look flatter. And since it won’t reflect any light, it’s also a better choice for traditional-looking kitchens. Another good thing about this kind of finish is that it helps make fingerprints and small scratches less noticeable. Downsides to having matte finish for kitchen cabinets is that it might be more difficult to clean up oil or grease stains on matte cabinets. And depending on if your cabinet is textured, kitchen remodeling experts say that it might attract and hold onto more dirt compared to one with a glossy finish so it will be more difficult to clean. Glossy FinishIf you are thinking of installing white or light-colored cabinets in your home, a glossy finish will be the preferable route. This type of finish will give your kitchen or bathroom a more spacious look because of the way the light reflects on the cabinets. They are also much easier to keep clean as compared to matte ones. The disadvantages of glossy kitchen cabinets are that they are prone to scratches, and even a tiny one will be very noticeable as it will affect the continuity of the gloss finish. The same thing goes for small specks of dirt or fingerprints left on your glossy cabinets. These will be easily discernible. It also won’t be a good idea to pair glossy cabinets with shiny floors as they may tend to compete with each other’s shine. If you would like to learn more about what finish best suits your cabinets, talk to our professional contractors. We offer professional kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling services for homeowners like you. Call us at (703) 634-7003, or fill out our contact form for a free estimate. We serve clients in Great Falls, VA, and surrounding areas.
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