2020 Biggest Bathroom Trends: Everything You Need To Know

Considering a bathroom remodel? You’ve got a lot of planning ahead of you. But you can get some inspiration from biggest bathroom trends of 2020.

2019 Biggest Bathroom Trends: Everything You Need To Know

  • Bold Accents in Black: Darker tones, especially black, are trendy. Look for light fixtures, vanities, mirrors, and other fixtures. Designers also favor a matte finish. 
  • Fixtures in Brass and Gold: Shades of brass and gold are making a comeback. Designing are selecting the warmer tones over brushed nickel or chrome.
  • Old World Patterned Tile: The look of artisan-made, old world patterned tiles are a top design selection. These can boost  your bath’s dramatic interest.
  • Ceiling Details: Most bathroom ceilings are plain white. Designers are adding things like beams and skylights to make the room feel more spacious and substantial.
  • Wood Accents: Wood accents, especially ones that pair well with industrial or vintage elements, are getting a lot of attention. 
  • Big Tubs and Open Showers: These continue to be very trendy, as homeowners want the maximum possible space for relaxation. Large, open showers also visually increase the size of your bathroom.

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